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The introduction of Jewish wigs
For religion reason, Jewish women have to wear wig to avoid showing their own hair to others. So every religion women need Jewish wig from the date they get married. They have strict requests on Jewish wig.
1, The wig manufacture must be identified by Rabbi as Kosher, no Indian hair could be used in Jewish wig. Our factory has been approved to produce Jewish hair, we have Kosher certificate.
2, For pursuing the best natural looking, they request "skin top", the part from crown to hair line with size of 4"X4" are usually full hand made, with a special technique of "inject". The knots are invisible, the hair looks just like grow from the scalp, very natural. The back parts are machine made wefts.
4, The high-end Jewish wigs are made of European hair. We could offer the process services by customer offered European hair.
5, Mongolian hair is also popular to make Jewish wigs. We could supply highly treated Mongolian hair Jewish wig on best quality.