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How to care wig

Human hair wigs can be treated just like your own hair, you can cut or perm hair freely to get a satisfactory hair style.
 A rip cartilage comb or thin tooth comb can be used to treat the hair gently when you want to wear it everyday.
And you can also leave the hair neatly in a ventilated palce with a clip or harpin whenyou don't want use it.
The human hair wigs should be cleaned in every 7-10 days. First you shoud use a soft brush or comb gently from top to bottom to clean up the dirt,
dust or other things.Then put the hairs in warm waters in which contains detergent for 10 minutes(water temperature 25-30).
But there is a thing must to be notice. Don't rub the hair in the water, as it maybe make the hair falling or shedding.
Finally, rinse the wigs with water and dry it with a towel, Except that, paint some hair cream on the hair.
and hung the wigs in well-ventilated place to dry naturally. When the wigs is dry,using a thencurling iron or blow a fixed shape.
If not frequently used, keep your wigs in a well sealed bag..