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How to apply skin wefts
1, Part the hair into sections, exposing the upper most region of hair near the scalp. Use a comb to create horizontal parts in the hair and clip them with a hair clip. Parts only the area where you intend to install the extension.
2, Pull the blue label off the skin weft extension tape to expose one sticky side. This is double-sided tape with adhesive on both sides. Leave one side of the tape cover until ready to attach the extension.
3, Apply the exposed side of the tape to the uppermost section of hair next to the scalp. Do not apply tape directly to the scalp, but to the hair nearest that area. Tape will stick to skin once it clears the natural hair.
4, Pull off the other side of the double-sided tape. This is the side facing away from the natural hair.
5, Press the extension on to the exposed side of the tape. Run your finger over the extension attached to the tape to secure it.